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Are men invited to a woman’s practice?

Why not if they want to take this opportunity to work, they are welcome. But they have to understand that leading a man is usually a lot harder for a woman. They often are heavier, and don’t have the habit to do pivot which could end up hurting the ladies in their efforts. For this reason I would prefer for men to come with their partners (male or female).

by Maryline Chanaud

Women’s practice

What is a women’s practice?

It’s a place for women to practice their tango as a leader or not. People can meet to dance but the idea is to work, to train, and help each other. This is not about replacing our male partner. However by learning some basic leading skills, a lot of women will understand why they are no longer making progress.

How can the women become better dancers?

Often reduced to a passive role, women tend to become more dependant of their partner, which really slows them down in their progress. Learning basic leading skills will allow them, to look at the dance in a different way, and become much more attentive to their partners. By changing roles ladies can exchange constructive comments. There is no need to do really fancy stuff to quickly understand the value of such exchanges. To understand the lead allows to feel better the times when the woman can inhance her moves, place embellishments, take initiative, suggest, surprise, not imposing her style but integrating it to the dance in a smooth way. In conclusion knowing a few of the difficulties involced in leading will allow the female dancer to join her partner (not follow). The man is no longer alone in the skills that are demanded of him. Could we finally consider this a real dialogue?

What about pleasure?

A lot of women enjoy coming even if they don’t lead. They know that at a pratice for women they will be invited by those other females also eager to practice. The ambiance is very different than in a milonga and very friendly. The ladies will have the opportunities to socialize, to share, to become more accomplice than they usually do. This practice of for the majority of women reveals itself to be a much more pleasant and constructive experience than they had imagined. A small minority of female dancer do dare to lead on the dance floor, don’t worry gentleman, they will not take your partners away. ! They will show them a different pleasure indancing filled with feminine sensibility!!!

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