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“Although I had followed a lot of tango lessons in Holland, Pascale taught me the real basics of tango to be able to lead a woman and to make the connection with the music to have the real experience of the tango." ___________________ Jan Jaap (Holland)

"Your lessons were simply good and intensive. I felt many waves through my body - and my mind. You made me really feel that tango is so much more than steps"___________Christoph (Germany)

PASCALE COQUIGNY has been dancing and teaching tango for over 25 years. She now teaches in Buenos Aires, where she is located. She teaches in French, English and Spanish.

Questions you may want to ask yourself to improve your dancing

  • How to progress after many years dancing?
  • How to improve on my own?
  • How is my abrazo, is it generous?
  • Embellishment, but when and how...?
  • Does my dancing change with different orchestras ...?
  • Is my dancing appropriate for Buenos Aires ?
  • Prices for privates classes in Buenos Aires
    1 hour class = 50 €
  • Package of 5 hour classes 225€

Note that fees for classes abroad are different.

Tango lesson

In her teaching PASCALE COQUIGNY insists in the active role of the woman.
Her priorities: quality of movement, a good "abrazo", a good musical interpretation with grace and sensuality rather than a number of sophisticated steps.

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