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Extract report from the French TV Channel TF1

" Now for me" says Pascale, "a good dancer is someone who allows me to express myself someone who can be surprised and likes to play. In order to do that, women need to have a more active role than the one she has today. Ideally she would have to become a little more self support to allow men to express themselves even more..."

"Too many people bypass authentic experiences when they go to Buenos Aires because they are not prepared. In the packages that I offer, I make sure people understand how the tango scene works. How does one find the most appropriate milongas when you have sometimes 30 places to choose from per day. Some places host various milongas in the same day, organizers have their milongas in different places, how do you know when to go when it changes all the time?, not mentionning, how do you know if a milonga is traditional or not? "

"Usually unprepared for the milongas in Buenos Aires tango dancers often miss authentic experiences. I decided to start giving conferences abroad to inform tango communities. I want to make sure dancers get a chance to discover what I call "the real tango". I believe tango in Buenos Aires is like a big game, if you don’t know the rules it is very hard to play."

Pascale Coquigny

Pascale has been in the tango world for over 25 years. She teaches and receives tango dancers in Buenos Aires, where she shares her extensive experience. Today she calls herself tango coach as her work goes far beyond teaching.

Pascale discovers Argentine Tango in Canada in 1990, where she first taught tango for children. The children found an unexpected pleasure in her classes. In these classes we do not talk about « sensuality », but « respect », « learning to listen one another».

In Argentina, Pascale Coquigny worked with the painter Guillermo Alio, who accomplished with her, what was then a project: painting while dancing tango. The media was very much interested in this artistic approach Pascale Coquigny and Guillermo Alio performed numerous presentations for TV.

In 2001, Pascale moves back to France, with Luis Bruni. From Paris, they gave workshops, all over France especially in Europe but also in Canada and United States. In 2006, they created in Paris "Académie Esprit Tango", which is called today Tanguedia of Paris, a unique place dedicated to tango which she ran til 2011.

Now in Buenos she continues to develop her work for a better dialogue between male and female dancers.

When she is not travelling or giving classes Pascale receives tango dancers in Buenos Aires, so they get the best advice and can enjoy their tango trip in a safe environment. Choosing one of her packages for first time visit to Buenos Aires is a must.

She organizes tango tours with a maximum of six people which allows more flexibility of time. Preferences can be taken into account. The milongas itinary is made according to levels, personalities as much as possible.
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