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Your presentation really makes you want to discover Buenos Aires, which can sometimes be very mysterious. Pascale shares her tanguera experience with a lot of generosity.____________ Anik (Perpignan)

Congratulations for the presentation on the milongas of Buenos Aires. The very clear explanations accurately reflect the experiences we have experienced on several occasions. Congratulations and thank you for these good memories.____________ Josette (Narbonne)

Beautiful, moving, so true. Want to go back!
Marie France (Mulhouse)

Finally an idea of what is really happening in Buenos Aires ... Want to find this famous abrazo. My companion’s dream of coming to Argentina will become a common dream ..._____________ Daphné (Perpignan)

Your voice takes us to a beautiful sensory journey
Corinne (Mulhouse)

Presentation posible in French, English, Spanish It can be complemented with a workshop on how to dance in Buenos Aires. Rates and conditions on request


This lecture illustrated with photos and short videos helps to explain the important differences between the milongas of Buenos Aires and abroad; the way they are organized and function but also the way they dance. With an average of 25 different milongas a day it is not so simple to choose. Discover a tango world far from stereotypes. .
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